About Us

Dronomy.io is developing an affordable, lightweight, and robust replicator UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Utilizing UAVCAN v1 (or Cyphal), Dronomy.io’s UAV is considered a software-defined vehicle, as it abstracts vehicular communication and control into a standardized, software-driven protocol. This approach shifts traditional hardwarecentric vehicles into adaptable, software-defined platforms, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to meet the evolving demands of modern transportation and robotics. Current underlying physical layer protocol is CAN FD, but it can accommodate Ethernet or wireless communication in future as UAVCAN v1 is physical layer transport agnostic. With the CAN protocol, electromagnetic interference is effectively managed. Most of the important UAV components like flight controller, Electronin Speed Controller (ESC), Onboard computer, Battery Management System (BMS) etc are also secured. Seamless operation is ensured as collaborative components such as the flight controller, gimbal, GPS, ESCs, and BMS communicate seamlessly via CANBus. The UAV will support GPS-denied autonomy at level 4 capability. Additionally, the integration of NDAA-compliant communication technology from Doodlelabs.com enhances operational efficiency, reliability, and extends the UAV’s range. This software-defined vehicle concept can potentially extend to UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) as well.

Our Mission

To revolutionize UAV and UGV design with a software-defined vehicle paradigm, offering advanced autonomy capabilities at an affordable price.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of ARM-based platforms for replicator UAV, trusted by industries worldwide for their critical projects.

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