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We bring autonomy to Drone

What makes us Special

AI powered Drone Autonomy onboard our drones capable of multiple tasks like industrial and entertainment use cases-

  • 1. Powered by Qualcomm QRB5165: 8 core upto 3.0191Ghz , 8GBLPDDRS
  • 2. Seven MIPI image sensor inputs
  • 3. OpenCV, Ros2, Docker , Px4
  • 4. Integrated flight controller on DSP with TDK@ ICM-42688 IMU and ICP-10111 Barometer
  • 5. 15 Tops AI performance
  • 6. Onboard QRB5165 Hexa Sensor Accelerator , GPU, DSP,NPU
  • 7. LTE or 56 modem cellular carrier

    Autonomous Indoor Drone

    SLAM enabled drone optimised For indoor and outdoor navigation
    Powered by-
    - tracking image sensor
    - compute and core
    - stereo image sensor pairs
    -AI enabled object avoidance system

    Long range autonomous Drone

    - 30-45 mins flight time
    - 1kg payload capacity
    - LTE or 5G enabled for long range drone
    - AI enabled object avoidance system

    3dr Solo Drone

    We are a recognized leader in high-tech services It’s about the emotions. It’s about bewildering experience, about limitless fun, about connecting the people. You may be a 5-year old sitting on t...

    1.2 ml

    Transmission Distance

    16 Min

    Maximal Flight Time

    12 MP

    Effective Pixels

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    We help you embarace the future

    At Airy, we believe that using drones should empower modern creators to capture what was once out of reach.

    Since 2005, our team of drone experts have advised, built, and supplied drones all over the US. We’re your one-stop shop for everything related to remote control aircraft.

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