Automation & Software for Drone

We bring autonomy to Drone

What makes us Special

Software-Defined Flexibility: The Replicator Drone's software-defined architecture allows for seamless upgrades and customization, ensuring adaptability to evolving technological needs.

Advanced Autonomy: Powered by NXP's ARM-based chips and i.MX 8 processors, it delivers robust processing power for precise navigation, real-time decision-making, and efficient mission execution.

Superior Communication: Utilizing the UAVCAN v1 (Cyphal) protocol for reliable data exchange, enhancing performance, safety, and reliability.

Cost-Effective: Offers high-end autonomy and sophisticated capabilities at an affordable price, suitable for diverse applications such as industrial inspections, environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and agriculture.

Long range autonomous Drone

- 30-45 mins flight time
- 1kg payload capacity
- LTE or 5G enabled for long range drone
- AI enabled object avoidance system

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